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Tricks to Sell Successfully
Successful trading is a real art, much more complex and subtle than it seems to an uninformed person. Remember how many times you returned home you were perplexed by the…

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Tricks to Sell Successfully

Successful trading is a real art, much more complex and subtle than it seems to an uninformed person. Remember how many times you returned home you were perplexed by the number of items purchased after the next shopping. Do you know the secret? You have been skillfully applied with special techniques of effective sales – these methods act on the subconscious, making us shell out in a way that is not even noticeable to ourselves.

Secrets of successful sales:

1. Good music

In the course of the next study, psychologists found that good music makes the process of parting with money less painful, and the number of purchases is directly proportional to the pace of the piece of music that sounds in the store. Fast, dynamic rhythms do not promise the seller anything good – for such a product you quickly buy everything you need and fly out of the store with a bullet. Along with this, a Continue reading

Partisan marketing in action

Wikipedia says: “Partisan Marketing is a low-budget way of advertising and marketing that allows you to effectively promote your product or service, attract new customers and increase your profits without investing or almost no money. Therefore, guerrilla marketing is also called “low-budget marketing” or “low-cost marketing.”

We’ll tell you about examples of how guerrilla marketing helped firms sell their products and services.

All cases are quite interesting, one might say creative. Perhaps someone will take note of them.

1) The French company – the manufacturer of soap, applied the following technique. In the production of soap, she placed the company logo not on the outside of the soap, as we are used to seeing, but applied to Continue reading

Spontaneous purchases increase

Trade, for the most part, is developing not due to high demand for a certain range of products, but due to a very interesting phenomenon, which marketers are still researching. Spontaneous purchase. What is it?

Impulse buying – how to increase sales

You put a lot of effort and time to attract customers? They came, bought bread, milk and sugar and left? Something in your store is planned wrong. Most of today’s consumers are eager to plan their expenses sparingly, so getting to fill their cart to capacity is not so simple. People tend to make spontaneous purchases if the atmosphere contributes to this.

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