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Keys to Success: Five Fears That Stop Entrepreneurs

There are many fears and excuses that keep us from getting everything that we want to achieve as entrepreneurs. But success and failure are always a conscious choice.

When I started my own business, my biggest concerns were:

“I am young and I have never had a real job, why should someone hire me without experience?”

“I still don’t have a university degree, so I’m not smart enough to teach anyone this.”

“I’m just no longer needed by a football player who cannot even achieve the NFL. If I could not achieve this, how will I make it happen? ”

“I sleep on my sister’s couch, if my clients find out about this, they won’t work with me for sure!”

The fact is that there will always be an internal dialogue trying to hold you back. Only you decide whether you should listen to it or make a breakthrough and let everything magnificent happen, regardless of the circumstances.

What is holding you back? Here are the five most common fears that I hear from most entrepreneurs and tips on how to get things done and be successful:

Fear # 1: Lack of Self-Belief

Solution: Set smaller goals in order to achieve them faster.

The key to getting rid of this is the gradual achievement of small victories every day, so you can gain the confidence you need in order to take on the game with goals for developing your business. Make it a game to see how many small wins you can have each day. It can be as simple as not having an e-mail check every hour, or completing one simple task every day on the time you create for yourself.

Fear # 2: The idea that you need a product before you can sell it

Solution: Arouse interest and do your research before you start selling

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
You think you need the perfect end product before you start selling it. Whenever possible, be sure to use a training model or advertise a product before it goes on sale to see how many people are willing to buy it before spending months and months to create something that no one will buy. Yes, you can sell your product before you create it.

Fear # 3: The Need to Be Absolutely Perfect

Solution: Do not focus on every, even the smallest, detail

“I NEED A PERFECT LOGO!” I hear the story about logo design so often that I already want to puke about it. No one cares about your logo, nor does the size of the font used on your site.

Yes, it’s important to do great things and you can certainly do it through improvements over time, but good and profitable is much better than ideal and never realized. Achieve your goal. Be the person who finishes things, even if they aren’t perfect yet.

Fear # 4: Investor Money Search

Solution: Use communication and think creatively.

This is complete nonsense. I know so many entrepreneurs who started their business with debts and created everything with the help of energetic activity, relationships, building their audience and “long-suffering capital”. It’s time to get creative and start thinking like an entrepreneur, not an office worker. Start thinking beyond stereotypes.

Fear # 5: You don’t have enough experience and knowledge to get started

Solution: Do not limit yourself if you do not have a university degree

With all that is available on the Internet, you tell me that you can’t learn what you need? You can find a mentor, and explore free online resources, or simply simulate successful processes.

There are a huge number of ways to find the knowledge and experience that you need to prove that you have enough confidence and skills to be an excellent entrepreneur.

Posted by Lewis Howes (Former Professional Athlete, New York-based Lewis Howes is co-author of LinkedWorking (418 Press, 2009) and creator of the LinkedInfluence training program)

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