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8 popular brands whose sites have undergone significant changes

As the Internet became the largest platform for successful communication and advertising, dozens, if not hundreds of well-known and not-so-so companies around the world began to spend billions on the design of attractive and stylish websites. After all, the site not only provides information about the company, but also shows its status – the more stylish the site’s appearance, the better the brand is promoted.

But once these beautiful sites of famous brands were not as remarkable as they are today. Here is a very short list of those companies whose sites have recently changed beyond recognition and are now attracting even more attention than before.

Coca cola

Coca-Cola has always been famous for its innovations, it was she who conducted several unique advertising campaigns that had no analogues anywhere in the world. In 2011, when developing a new website design, the company again met our expectations. Now their site looks like an online magazine called Coca-Cola Travel. Leaving behind the ancient methods of promoting web pages, the site not only provides standard information, but also publishes interesting articles on sports, health, the environment and entertainment.


When Vitro was asked to redesign the site of the giant American beer industry Budweiser, they focused on key aspects of maintaining the site – simplicity and ease of management, as well as covering all of the many events in which Budweiser is involved.

This website is currently one of the most attractive and lively; It is replete with brilliant graphics, interesting content, and its community has more than 10 million users.


In the 90s, perhaps the Apple website looked decent compared to other sites – it followed the standard design trends of that era and had a completely normal look. However, when Apple instantly became one of the most powerful companies in the world in the field of technology, their site also changed dramatically – now it looks very cool. And during the recent transformations in 2011, the most significant change occurred with the navigation menu, which is currently a universal object of envy and jealousy.


After a major renovation of in 2008, the site successfully attracts 6 to 8 million visitors per month. The new site is a mixture of magazine content with web components, which focuses on blogs and a large number of audio and video materials, as well as a wide range of possibilities for user reaction.

In addition, the company is successfully developing an online business, attracting more and more revenue sources, along with numerous advertising and sales of goods that are in great demand among users.


The latest version of the Mars website is beautifully designed and teeming with innovation. The last time it was redone in 2008, and since then the site has looked more like a scalable (that is, capable of increasing productivity in proportion to additional resources) media-oriented distribution platform. As follows from the source, after all the changes made, site traffic has grown many times.

The first 1996 Mars website was a static HTML version. Over the years, the site has been constantly improving until, finally, in 2008 it launched the completely new Rails application (a full-fledged, multi-level framework for building web applications using databases).


The latest version of Gatorade’s PepsiCo (PEP) website is designed to help more athletes get in shape and prepare for sporting events. Scientists from the Gatorade Institute of Sports have partnered with some of the world’s most celebrated athletes to launch the G Series, a new line of sports products that deliver the best results with the ingredients they need, which are essential for an athlete before, during and after training, practice or competitions.


Disney’s new website is transforming its fans’ online entertainment experience with new ways to watch, play, create and discover the Disney world. The new Disney site is very cool in design, interesting in content and easy to navigate. During the development of the site, all the technical details were taken into account, so the site works adequately and is displayed on all platforms and devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Pepsi’s website is an excellent example of a brand’s website. The site successfully manages to use every opportunity to identify the Pepsi brand with its loyal consumers, establishing a subtle and elusive emotional connection in the mind of the buyer between him and his favorite product.

This website has fully combined online and offline marketing, and with the increase in various stocks in retail, website traffic also began to grow.

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