Ways to make money on humor
Many people are convinced that you can start your own business only by possessing certain tangible assets that you can trade, lease, with which you can provide certain services, etc.…

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Ways to make money on humor
Many people are convinced that you can start your own business only by possessing certain tangible assets that you can trade, lease, with which you can provide certain services, etc.…

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Earnings on the Internet and paying taxes

Earning on the Internet and paying taxes. Not so long ago, the Internet has firmly entered our lives, and for many it has become not only a place for spending leisure time and a means of communication, but also a place of earning, which allows you to earn income without leaving your computer.

There are dozens of ways to make money on the Internet right now, and over time there are only more of them. As the Internet develops, so does its commercial leaving: electronic payment systems, advertising industry, financial control. An important feature of any method of making money on the Internet is that it is practically not regulated by any laws, like the entire Internet as a whole. This raises a very important question for thousands of people earning on the Internet: do I need to pay taxes on earnings on the Internet and how to do it?

According to the tax code of the Russian Federation, any income received by a citizen is taxed in the manner prescribed by law. If there is no established taxation procedure for any type of income, a citizen is obliged to independently record income, fill out and submit a tax return to the tax inspectorate.

From the foregoing, it is clear that, despite the absence of a clear legislative framework, earnings on the Internet should also be taxed, which means that the responsibility for evasion in this case is no different. However, we will talk more about liability later. And the show will consider the possible forms of paying taxes on earnings on the Internet.

In order to accurately calculate the amount of income, which is necessary for calculating taxes and the absence of further claims from the tax authorities, you need to have accurate data on all operations with income.

Most people withdraw their income through the bank, which allows you to get an account statement where all transactions will be indicated. Since in our case we do not have a tax agent (which is usually the employer), we must calculate the tax ourselves.


The tax on personal income is calculated according to a certain formula, the calculation procedure is best clarified on the website of the tax office. There you can find a sample income declaration, which must be completed in the manner prescribed by law and submitted to the tax authorities of your region. The amount of personal income tax in Russia is 13%.

If your income is large enough, and you also want to make contributions to social funds, you can arrange for entrepreneurship without forming a legal entity and pay taxes according to a simplified taxation scheme.

If you do not conduct any activity falling under various types of entrepreneurship, then bureaucratic difficulties with accounting and reporting should not arise. With such taxation, the total tax can be even less than when paying income tax on individuals, unless deductions to social funds spoil the picture. However, with a significant income, they will not play the weather. Thus, we examined the tax payment procedure, now we will touch upon the issue of liability for non-payment.

Many people who earn money on the Internet do not pay taxes at all, arguing that they can’t verify anything tax anyway. This is true if you spend all the money you earn on the Internet.8368_400_1

Electronic payment systems do not report accounts of their users to the tax, but banks are required to do this. Thus, when you withdraw your income through the bank, he is obliged to inform the tax about them. This is ideal. In fact, the tax is not interested in insignificant incomes of citizens, therefore, amounts up to several tens of thousands of rubles can be periodically withdrawn without consequences (this is not a call to action, but only a statement of fact).

However, it is worth remembering that tax evasion is an illegal act. There is a bar – 600 thousand rubles of unpaid taxes, to which the act is considered an administrative offense. If the tax debt is greater than this amount, non-payment is considered a criminal offense with all the ensuing consequences.

It is not very correct to give advice on paying taxes; a person is able to decide whether he needs it or not. In reality, income derived from the Internet through a bank is rarely tracked by the tax authorities, if you do not earn several tens of thousands of rubles this month, then you probably should not strain.

In addition, you can always bypass banks and withdraw money, say, through points of issue of the WebMoney payment system. Then the problem disappears by itself. However, with all this, paying a tax is not so difficult, since the benefit in our country is not so great in any situation.

That’s all, good luck in the fight against tax.

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