How to start your courier business
Are you interested in starting a courier business? Do you need a sample courier service business plan template? So, here is a detailed guide on how to start a courier…

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The battle of brands: companies with better grammar win
I have already talked about evidence that good grammar increases your income. Rob Asgard has determined that there are grammar crimes that can actually prevent you from getting a job.…

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What business to do in the fall?
When we think about seasonal types of business, most of us are inclined to believe that it exists only in summer and winter. Remember counting autumn chicks as a result…

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25 tricks to help increase brain speed

Once we already wrote about how to improve your IQ. Today we’ll add a small handful of tricks that will allow you to pump your brain and take it to a new level.

So, let’s go charge the brains.

1) Coffee and cigarettes. Coffee increases the speed of the brain, and cigarettes make thinking sharper and more accurate. The effect in both cases does not last long, not to mention the long-term health effects.

2) For non-smokers – coffee and donut. The combination of glucose and caffeine increases alertness.

3) Chewing gum increases the concentration more than caffeine, however, the effect lasts only 20 minutes.

4) Draw and draw. Thinking about the problem and drawing something at the same time will increase concentration and memory.

5) Drink energy. They give a double effect: due to their chemical composition and as a placebo (the consumer is confident in their effectiveness). If you do not want to harm your health, just stare at the jar. This also has an effect: Red Bull branding drivers on cars feel stronger, faster and more desperate, because it is with these qualities that the power engineer is associated. And their rivals are the opposite.

6) Think of smart people – famous scientists, entrepreneurs. Thoughts about smart people give rise to a stream of associations (“brilliant”, “talented”, “gifted”), which in turn give rise to the right mental attitude. The effect lasts 15 minutes.

7) Do not think about fools. This has the opposite effect.

8) Sniff the rosemary. A certain level of rosemary oil in the blood enhances the concentration.

9) Communicate with other people, take an interest in their life, do not let the feeling of loneliness take hold of you. Loneliness not only affects cognitive abilities, but also leads to premature death.

10) Exercise.

11) Listen to classical music. Any other music gives a neutral or negative effect.

12) Learn to play the violin or piano and play classical music. This increases brain flexibility in less than a month.

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13) Do not spray. Multitasking is evil.

14) Men, try not to have beautiful women in sight. Try not to even think about them. This rule does not apply to women.

15) Get enough sleep. Different people need different durations of sleep. No need to imitate the sleeping elite.

16) If you are solving the problem of insight, take a horizontal position. In the supine position, the level of norepinephrine and the activity of the blue spot decrease, which leads to relaxation, increased creativity and, ultimately, to the solution.

17) Believe in yourself. Beliefs affect cognitive abilities. Even simply wearing a white coat increases accuracy and attention.

18) Use nootropic drugs.

19) Give food to your superstitions. A simple wish of good luck or an appropriate gesture charges confidence.

20) Thoughts aloud give an increase to mobile intellect (the ability to perceive, remember and decide new things).

21) Avoid things in red. Red leads to excitement (girls in red are perceived sexually), which, in turn, reduces concentration. In team sports, on the other hand, red is useful. Analysis of the history of eight English football clubs for the period 1947-2002. showed that teams with a red uniform proved to be more successful.

22) Avoid situations that you cannot control and in which you feel weak.

23) Avoid failures. Failure reduces the ability to think analytically and leads to increased aggression.

24) Find the boss who praises you. The effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy is triggered. Only praise is necessary not for the result, but for the efforts.

25) Do not participate in IQ tests. In general, in any tests that rank people by level of intelligence. Conviction of inferiority leads to a real decrease in cognitive abilities.

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