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Ways to recover from burnout syndrome at work

Young, energetic and dynamic – these are the common features of any young leader today. However, despite the abundance of action-inspiring things that young leaders face daily, professional burnout continues to hide behind every corner and turn. The mantra of many young leaders – “make your passion your profession” – is aimed at defeating burnout from the very beginning. However, even the most passionate executive can still suffer from combustion at work from time to time.

Some might easily say that young leaders are not burned out, because they seem to be influential people in today’s relevant business sectors, they are energetic, they are the driving force, and they have many more years to come. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Young leaders, just like any other person, experience burnout, fatigue and anxiety.

Signs that you are in a burnout area

Psychologists claim that there are certain signs of professional burnout, and they include the following points:

You have difficulty finding motivation to work;
You do not feel like going to your workplace;
You have become more hot-tempered towards your employees and colleagues;
You do not feel very attached to your work;
You feel that you have lost your passion for professional tasks and actions.
Steps to recover from burnout – no sugary tips

If you ask someone for advice on how to recover from a burnout, he or she is likely to give you comprehensive advice or a macro-management approach. Although this advice is useful, it can blur clearly expressed measures that you can take to return to your former passionate nature. If you want to restore your passion for your work, you can try using a few simple steps.

Divide and rule

Many young entrepreneurs are guilty of not separating their work affairs from both personal and public life. And one of the best ways to deal with burnout is to share your work and personal time in order to cope with your daily tasks and activities seamlessly. It is like owning a switch; when you do business, do business, but if you are at home, avoid doing anything related to work. Some suggest sticking to the “three by eight” rule or dividing your day into three parts — eight hours for work, eight hours for socialization, a hobby, or interests, and eight hours for relaxation.


Deal with this only once (R.E.T.O.R.). Simple adjustments in your usual daily routine can make a big difference in how you look at your business and career. Using the R.E.T.O.R. You can easily do all the things you have to do. If you must reply to emails, do it right away. According to the proponents of this approach, the response to emails later will take three times longer than expected, since you must find and re-read the letter you received earlier. This minimal change in your normal daily routine can help you discover your motivation again, as it helps you become more productive.

Reboot yourself

Rediscovering yourself with a new hobby is one of the most effective ways to deal with burnout. Since burnout is mainly caused by the refusal to receive any motivation, you can fix it with something new, for example, a crazy hobby that you were looking forward to with special impatience. Discovering a new hobby or starting a project will give you additional reason to wake up every morning with excitement and admiration. This can trigger a chain reaction, and in the end will be your motivation. Getting pleasure from a new hobby or a long-awaited vacation can catapult you from the realm of boredom, helping you to decisively drive away burnout syndrome at work.

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