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Request as much as you stand – No apologies required!

Many times I worked with talented and passionate business owners who were determined to get new customers, that they ended up working for little bits of what they really cost! Actually, some of them worked for free in order to get an impetus to the growth of their future business.

I also tell people, over and over again, that if you are going to prosper day after day, instead of just surviving, you must understand that YOU have something that will lead to this! Unfortunately, too many people in search of a new business sacrifice who they are for the sake of a “chance” in a new business and additional income.

So many people are willing to work for less than they cost, instead of just asking for as much as they cost and finding those customers who agree with that! I must admit, when I started my first business, I did the same thing, and I can say from my own experience that this is a bad idea!

So, does this mean that I advise you to never offer a discount or lower your bid to get more? Of course not! Sometimes it happens that this is the most reasonable thing you can do! What I’m talking about are those situations in which you are trying to convince yourself to work on a project in which you lose money or you can even do something for free, hoping that you will promote your business. These things are serious mistakes!

I recently explained to the client my three reasons why free work is never the right way, and I want to share it with you today.

Zero value

I remember the days when I saved money for my first car. Of course, it was my mother’s old Charade, but I saved up for the purchase of this baby, and I dare to assure you … I appreciated this red car, because I worked hard to get it. I also remember my friend who arrived at school on the day of his seventeenth birthday in a brand new car, which was a gift from his parents. For two months, his car was covered with dents and scratches because he ditched it, while mine looked alive and rumbled like a kitten! Why? Just … perceived value. People recognize the value of the subject (or business relationship) when there is personal investment in the business, and, accordingly, personal interest in its success. If you want customers to appreciate YOU, then you must learn to value YOURSELF and never work for free!

Calling all non profit organizations

Where to get money to start your own business? It is this problem that 95% of beginning entrepreneurs face! In the article “Where to get money for a business,” we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings: “see the results of the experiment”
I love great charity, but only when there is a successful business to support it. By and large, even a nonprofit organization must make a profit, or the doors will not remain open! Make no mistake … you must think of yourself in the same way.

You are not a charitable organization and you must ensure that the light continues to burn and that you can continue to prosper. How many “free” clients can you take before you have to cut this path? I assume that you cannot handle too many of these “free gifts”, even to the point that you start asking why you started your business at all?

Good customers will understand that they have to pay for a quality product or service. Never sell yourself cheaply. You are not a charity, so don’t act like you are!

It’s not fair

Think of all the people who are willing to pay for your services. Add to this the people who PAY for your services. Now ask yourself, is it really fair to all these paying customers when you provide services to someone else for free?

Also, make sure you think about things for a long time. Once you decide to give someone an excessive discount or provide a free service, how easy will it be to get this customer to start paying? Moreover, what led you to think that you will ever be able to return them to your “standard” prices after they already know that you can work at very high discounts? This will be a dangerous, slippery slope as soon as you begin to provide your services for less than they cost!

After my client went through this, he said: “That’s right, that makes sense. But because I write quite a few blog posts, I often come across people who ask for help on minor issues all the time, so I feel that I have to answer and help them. ” This is undoubtedly a true statement. People read the work we have written, send us letters, saying how our article has helped them.

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