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Ways to make money on humor

Many people are convinced that you can start your own business only by possessing certain tangible assets that you can trade, lease, with which you can provide certain services, etc. However, intangible assets – such as talent, skill, ability – for some reason they are not considered as the basis for earning. But let’s not forget that artists, film actors, musicians and other artists are making their living with their talents.

These talents, it must be said, include the ability to amuse the audience with their own witty jokes. Such show business stars as Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Pavel Volya and other media “hochmachi” without a sense of humor simply could not have achieved the fame and love that they have today from the wide audience.

If you also have the ability to be witty humorous improvisation, this may well be a means, if not to achieve the same heights that the aforementioned comedians have risen to, then at least for a good income. We suggest considering several ways to convert your own humor into money.

Collaboration with KVNschiki

If you live in any major city, then for sure there are local KVN teams in it. Try to find those via the Internet, and then contact their representatives or the participants themselves, offering joke writing services. If you manage to establish a contact, then you will probably be asked to write something as a, so to say, humorous resume, having examined which the team will be able to decide on further cooperation with you. Therefore, it would be good to come up with some jokes or scenes suitable for the KVN format in advance, which could be attached to your proposal.


You probably had the opportunity to attend weddings, corporate parties, banquets and other celebrations, the holding of which is usually entrusted to the host. Unfortunately, practice shows that not everyone who takes such a role is able to show off originality and wit. Instead, many presenters use obscene contests, games, and anecdotes that sounded at festivities during the Soviet era.

But you have a great opportunity to stand out clearly against the background of all these mossy scenarios by developing your own. Well, directly during the festivities, you can spice it up with your witticisms, reacting to arising funny situations – and, as you know, no triumph can do without them.

Of course, you should not immediately advertise your services as paid ones. It is better to gain experience and self-confidence by conducting several events for free, for example, for your friends or their acquaintances.

Writing a book

You can compose it from humorous stories, funny stories, poems, etc. Or try to write a whole novel – again, in a humorous way. Perhaps if he finds success, they will wait for continuation from you. All the difficulty here can consist only in finding a publisher that would agree to print your creations. On the other hand, you can always publish a book at your own expense. Of course, this is a certain risk, because the book may not pay back the investment. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a minimum circulation.

Own column in print

You can try to offer your writing services in a local newspaper or magazine. It’s hardly worth focusing on some solid publications right away – firstly, there are enough of its authors there, and secondly, the requirements of the owners of such media will be quite serious.

By the way, an example of a humorous note can be the material that we wrote by April 1. Recommended: Prohibited Business Ideas

Participation in programs on local radio or TV

Radio stations and regional channels hold competitions from time to time, as a result of which presenters or authors are selected for some new projects. If you really have a humorous talent, then your chances are quite high. So go ahead and be lucky for you!

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