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8 incredible business ideas originated in Asia

Asia is home to over 50% of the world’s population. There completely intertwined cultures, traditions, rituals; and more and more people are attracting and attracting mysterious Asian countries.

But Asia is saturated not only with antiquity, but also with creative, innovative ideas. Some of these ideas are truly revolutionary, and some are so fantastic that people cannot immediately realize that this is fiction or reality, jokingly or seriously. Here are just 8 examples of business ideas that came to us from Asia, from which goosebumps can come – they are so incredible.

Air for sale. China 1. Air for sale. China

Although this sounds implausible, it’s still true. Chen Guangbayo, a Chinese multimillionaire, claims to have sold 8 million cans of fresh air to Beijing residents in just 10 days!

China is rightfully considered one of the most developed nations in the world. With the growth of technology, the pace of life in China is accelerating, but at the same time its quality is deteriorating – China, unfortunately, is one of the most polluted countries in the world.

Chen Guangbayo came up with the idea of ​​selling “canned fresh air” after he learned that Peking suffers from suffocation due to the high carbon dioxide content in the air. In tin cans, he collected air from the unpolluted regions of China. To add effect to some jars, he added various flavors – probably for more freshness.

Restaurant-toilet. Taiwan 2. Restaurant-toilet. Taiwan

If you like ice cream, you probably know that it is served in crispy waffle cones or beautiful glasses; there are a lot of flavors of ice cream, and if you eat it in a pleasant environment, you will get an unforgettable and very pleasant experience. But if instead of chairs you sit on the toilet and the ice cream looks exactly like a poop? Phew! How disgusting, you say. Nevertheless, in Taiwan a fairly common picture is to sit on the toilet and eat ice cream in the form of poop.

Wang Qi-Wei, a former Taiwan bank clerk, is the founder of a restaurant chain called Modern Toilet. The idea came to him in 2004, when he saw how much chocolate ice cream is in demand in a container resembling … a toilet bowl.

Wang’s restaurant has become so popular among ice cream lovers that in a very short period of time, many tourist sites gave it such a high rating that the establishment had to expand and appear in other cities, in particular in Hong Kong!

Poop Ice Cream

In these restaurants, the seats are toilet bowls, tables are sinks, drinks are served in urinal-shaped containers, and food is served in “bathrooms”. It is not surprising that this establishment is often broadcast by many popular television channels.

Mine Luwak. The Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra 3. Mine Luwak. Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra

The suggestion of a cup of coffee — whether hot or cold — always sounds fresh and reassuring. And if, while you are drinking your coffee, they tell you that it is exclusive, of the highest grade and of the best quality, and is very expensive … you just can not help but be proud of your brilliant choice! But, if after you enjoy your cup of coffee, they tell you that the grains of this coffee were extracted from civet litter (a feline mammal from Central Africa), all the pleasure will instantly disappear, will it not? It sounds incredible, but true!

Mine Luwak, or civet coffee, is a type of coffee bean that has passed through the digestive tract of Asian palm civet and collected from its bowel movements; fermentation of beans occurs directly in the stomach of civet. The overcooked beans are slightly roasted, and a kind of coffee is brewed from them, the market value of which is much higher than natural grain coffee. In Nizhny Novgorod, in particular, 100 grams of this coffee costs 1000 rubles!

Kopi Luwak, originally from the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, began production in the 80s of the last century. The growing demand for this coffee has affected its distribution in other parts of the world. In the West, one cup of Kopi Luwak can cost you a tidy sum – from 20 to 65 dollars.

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Square watermelons. Japan 4. Square watermelons. Japan

Japan is one of the most high-tech countries in the world; her innovative ideas and modern technology have always been one step ahead. Whether it is the most advanced robot in the world or any other electronic products, Japan will not give up the first position to anyone. The Japanese are brave enough, smart and inventive to accept the challenge and adequately answer it – this applies to problems of any complexity and nature.

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