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The best workplace in the world

No, this post is not about the geographical location of the best workplace in the world; Meanwhile, this post is about the top five types of jobs in the world. And yes, it is worth reading.

Today, technology allows us to be more mobile and productive. We no longer need to set up an office in the business district to run our business. Instead, you can now run a real business without the cost of maintaining a full-fledged office.

Particularly great for private business owners, top-notch locations to run your business — with or without employees.

Here they are, in fact:

1. Home office

My personal favorite. Why? This is exactly the case, because I actually work from home, from my home office!

A home office can double your productivity. Why? This is due to less distraction; This is a convenient workflow in your personal environment.

Of course, there is a snag: this can have unpleasant consequences if your home office is in your living room or bedroom – this will lead to the opposite results, and you will not be able to avoid work.

My best advice is to define a separate space for your office in your home, with your own rule about when you can be distracted and completely inaccessible during busy hours.

In addition, a separate home office space will actually allow you to keep many employees working in the office, but do not mix your workspace with your personal one.

2. General office

I am interested in the concept of a common office; you, in fact, share your space with other businessmen and companies. This creates a unique, vibrant work environment – great for establishing business contacts and building relationships.

Some recognized companies with a common office offer regular informal meetings for general office clients, both for entertainment and for professional growth – parties, seminars, and so on.

In terms of price, this is cheaper than running your own office; however, confidentiality can be a problem – you need to organize private meetings, as it is relatively difficult to hold them in a common office.

3. Virtual office

Classic, but can work wonders; if you want a company image and convenience, a virtual office will be your best option.

The virtual office, usually located in the business district, will have a work address that screams about its solidity. But this is only the visible part of the iceberg, in truth.

Your virtual office can provide you with not only the most convenient location, but also well-trained secretaries to receive visitors who will deal with calls and professionally forward them to your line.

You can use your virtual office for a certain number of hours per week – which can be very efficient and productive (you will not have long meetings every day, right?) – especially when you need a place that your customers can visit for the sake of business negotiations with you.

Again, in terms of price, this is cheaper than managing your own office, especially if you want your office to be located in the business district.

4. Coffee Shop Starbucks

Usually a favorite place for freelancers, it is now becoming more common among private business owners to do it there.

The coffee shop, of course, sells coffee, but also provides you with high-speed internet access. If your business can be conducted online, a coffee shop is the best place in terms of cost and environment.

For the cost of a cup of coffee and snacks, you can run your business and have a productive meeting with your customers in a coffee shop. Offering vibrant surroundings, coffee houses can help you awaken your creative thinking.

5. Places to relax

In today’s time of mobile and cloud services, it is easy to work anytime, anywhere. There are applications and solutions that allow you to work in places of rest, conducting your unlimited business with your team members located in different countries.

Tools for project cooperation, tools of internal social networks, office tools based on Internet technologies (telephone, fax, signing documents, etc.) will help achieve the goal in effective and efficient ways.

The basic idea

Working behind an office partition is no longer interesting; large offices still look attractive, but they lose their effectiveness in making their employees happy (that is, working on Google is cool, but working on Google HOME is much cooler!)

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