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Tricks to Sell Successfully

Successful trading is a real art, much more complex and subtle than it seems to an uninformed person. Remember how many times you returned home you were perplexed by the number of items purchased after the next shopping. Do you know the secret? You have been skillfully applied with special techniques of effective sales – these methods act on the subconscious, making us shell out in a way that is not even noticeable to ourselves.

Secrets of successful sales:

1. Good music

In the course of the next study, psychologists found that good music makes the process of parting with money less painful, and the number of purchases is directly proportional to the pace of the piece of music that sounds in the store. Fast, dynamic rhythms do not promise the seller anything good – for such a product you quickly buy everything you need and fly out of the store with a bullet. Along with this, a beautiful, soul-taking melody makes customers think, carefully consider a lot of beautiful products and make more purchases.

2. Pleasant smells

Some stores have a special, pleasant, relaxing smell. According to the same psychologists, some aromas, for example, vanilla or lavender, help visitors to the supermarket or shopping center spend much more time at various shelves and stands. However, this is not all.

One of the main tricks is fresh baking of our own production, which is in great demand among buyers. It is customary to arrange counters with fragrant buns and baguettes in such a way that their smell spreads throughout the store. The smell of fresh bread is always able to arouse the warmest feelings in us, and in this state until the impulsive purchase is only a half step away.

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3. The magic of color

The results of numerous experiments on long-suffering customers are openly published in various entertainment and popular science publications. At the same time, we drink the same coffee from multi-colored cups and talk smartly about the difference in its tastes. Or, as one, we agree to pay twice as much for a delicious cookie in a red or pink box, while we don’t like the same items in blue packaging. Needless to say, the owners of supermarkets are much more attentive to such studies, and actively use them for their own selfish purposes.

4. Profitable place

One of the basic principles of a successful sale is that you want to sell more goods, do everything to place it at eye level. Such shelves empty 3-4 times faster than all other retail locations. Often, manufacturers of popular brands generously pay shops for the opportunity to place goods in such places. Another tricky trick is the location of nearby products that combine perfectly with each other.

5. Favorable price

Another little trick is the price of the product, which is visually perceived as more profitable. This purely psychological ploy has been working for decades. A person can not do anything with himself and gets a “cheaper product” for $ 199, instead of “expensive” for $ 202. We can see similar promotions almost every day – these are 3 products at the price of 2, and notorious 4 for 100 instead of 1 to 25. A great way to increase sales several times.

6. To the store as a resort

Which of us does not like modern shopping centers? This is a real paradise for a city dweller, the opportunity to leave a child in his favorite children’s room, and her husband in a cafe or movie theater with a glass of his favorite beer. And, finally, with great pleasure to plunge into the sweet world of so adored shopping. A lot of positive emotions gives a guaranteed result, rest, shopping, entertainment, cultural events, sports, rest and shopping again, and so on 24/7 in non-stop mode. All this is done for buyers, to satisfy their most sophisticated needs and to create for them the same opportunity to spend the maximum amount of money.

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