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Features of the storage system

Trade is a rather interesting and multilateral process that requires professionalism even in small details. Many sciences study various trading processes, looking for various solutions to increase sales. The location of goods, the layout, the turnover takes the minds of hundreds of thousands of people. In the race for profit, for customers, we should not forget that the trading process consists not only of elements located on the shelves. The trading process is a complex concept that includes many important points.

Today we’ll talk about the features of warehousing. This issue is important not only for large stores, it applies to any outlet. The turnover, or rather its performance, may be excellent, but some products may fall out of the trading process due to the lack of them on display. The nomenclature, the range of products does not allow to keep them all in sight, this is facilitated by the computerization of the accounting of goods, proper storage.

Efficient use of space in the store

Even a large warehouse area can be cramped if the shelves are not correctly positioned in it. Before equipping a warehouse, the layout of the racks and their characteristics should be clearly planned. When drafting the project, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of the loaders, which will make deliveries to the shelves, and to export goods to the trading floor.

Shelving equipment has its limitations on the application, so you should understand in advance which structures and which loads can be applied. Currently, racks are presented in a wide assortment, which allows combining their various types for warehouse equipment as efficiently as possible. Racks are of the following types:

– frontal. These are very convenient designs that are used to store different-sized goods. The designs of these racks are dynamic, they can be adjusted to the dimensions of the goods necessary at the moment. Among the advantages should be emphasized light weight and reliable mounting systems. The availability of goods on such racks is high;

– ceiling. Lightweight and voluminous goods fit perfectly on such structures. These racks are often combined with other options;

– pallet. Economical use of space, multi-tiered structures are able to withstand large tonnage, easy to install, durable and convenient. Popular in hypermarkets and in special storage companies;

– deep. Otherwise, they are called printed or entry. These racks are used to place products of the same type, which are supposed to be stored for a long time. For products, this type of shelving is not applicable, but the warehouse area is used to the maximum;

– mezzanine racks. The so-called floor structures create a multi-level warehouse complex where you can work quite comfortably at sites of any level. Such structures are equipped with stairs and special work sites;

– gravitational. By using the gravity of commodity pallets, such a storage system significantly increases the storage capacity, it becomes possible to store significant volumes of products;

– console racks. These designs are suitable for storing oversized long items;

– mobile shelving. The ability of structures to move is beneficial to ensure a compact arrangement of goods.

Warehousing in the trading floor

Some modern hypermarkets use a new system for storage and warehousing of goods, which allows to increase the area of ​​the trading floor, eliminating the need for warehouse equipment.

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The installation of racks on the upper levels of the hall, the placement of pallets above the display shelves, simplifies the work of forklifts and sellers, since it is possible to replenish the inventory of shelf space during the trading process.

The lower level of shop windows can also be used as storage of goods in high demand. Such placement will not only simplify the work of the seller, who will be able to quickly fill the shelf space with goods, but in the absence of goods on display, the buyer can easily get the necessary goods himself.

Pallet display of goods on the trading floor may also consist not of a fake design, but contain those names of goods whose sales should be increased.

Warehousing of perishable goods

Products have a short shelf life, especially those that require special storage conditions. For them, refrigeration rooms should nevertheless be equipped in which the required temperature will be set.

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