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The Art of Leading

Business involves making a profit through the sale of a product in demand. Any company, even the smallest one, is a complex organism that must not only survive, but develop in a world of fierce competition. Much depends on the leader, so the head of the company should be a wise leader with the necessary knowledge and iron grip.

Navigating in the world of business is not easy, because there are many ways to attract customers and increase competitiveness, and it is not so easy to see a promising direction of a company’s development. The analytical mind, the ability to work with people and a lot of qualities are required for the leader to effectively manage the company, and not even the company, but a small department, unit must be managed skillfully.

Company start

Initially, a company that is emerging and is just starting to position itself on the market is devoid of unnecessary elements, it is self-sufficient and simple in structure. This allows her to be dynamic and rapidly developing. The need for fierce competition forces us to manage the company accurately and accurately, value every achievement and analyze each opponent, protect each client.

At this stage in the development of the company, there is a leader with excellent professional and human qualities who has sufficient education to effectively manage finances and personnel, a product line or a range of services. Flexibility and dynamics ensure competitiveness along with low prices. Otherwise, the company is doomed to collapse.

Company expansion and pseudo-managers

Over time, with the successful development of a complex of circumstances, the company is simply obliged to expand its capacity, this will allow to receive more profit. This is where the problems begin. The head and immediate assistants will no longer cope with the existing volume of work, there will be a need for the recruitment of middle managers, delegation of a number of powers.

During this period, the decision to increase a number of employees often becomes exactly that erroneous moment, after which the company loses its balance, ceases to be dynamic and efficient. This is explained by the fact that the “career growth” fashionable today is different from the Western concept embedded in it. That is, the practice of foreign companies is applied in our case incorrectly in the bud.

Mid-level managers play an important role in the development of the company, since the success of a transaction, sale and other important points often depend on the effectiveness of personnel management. Of course, it’s good when a company can grow excellent executives from its employees and allow employees to strive for personal and corporate development. Only for the success of this endeavor, the right approach is needed.

Practice shows that in many companies, not those worthy individuals who really have the power to lead a team, but false ones who know how to substitute and flatter, who do not have their own achievements and even minimal education, take up leading positions in many companies.

As a result, staff turnover increases, the efficiency of the company decreases, and the company’s incorrect reputation appears. In this case, you can see an illiterate prioritization, erroneous management decisions, because of which employees cease to see true goals and get lost in the business space, following the chaotic instructions of their immediate supervisor. All fines and penalties also appear due to incorrect prioritization, ordinary employees appear to be the most “extreme”, and the company’s profit is decreasing by leaps and bounds.

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The discrepancy between the true concepts of management and the ideas of such a leader entail a lot of problems, therefore, there are two ways to solve the personnel issue:

– hire managers with work experience and necessary education.

– choose worthy candidates from the staff and train them, but not with small trainings, but give an opportunity to get an education.

Outside leaders

A developing company cannot be wasted time making mistakes; therefore, the professional view of the personnel department is important here. By the way, a failure often arises here already – love to save “warm” places for relatives and friends. You can prevent such an opportunity, reserve the right to make a final decision on hiring. A certification system should also be developed.

In this matter, every moment is important, because the work of all his subordinates will depend on the work style of the adopted leader. A clear regulation of the responsibilities of each, reporting the mission and goals of the company, the requirement to comply with all canons ..

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