Tricks to Sell Successfully
Successful trading is a real art, much more complex and subtle than it seems to an uninformed person. Remember how many times you returned home you were perplexed by the…

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Features of the storage system
Trade is a rather interesting and multilateral process that requires professionalism even in small details. Many sciences study various trading processes, looking for various solutions to increase sales. The location…

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Common startup mistakes
A few comments from Sergey Belousov, a well-known entrepreneur, about the mistakes of people who start startups. - The first mistake: "we all know ourselves." The other day I met…

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common features

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What business to do in the fall?

When we think about seasonal types of business, most of us are inclined to believe that it exists only in summer and winter. Remember counting autumn chicks as a result of your intense activity over previous periods? Is this not a traditional indication that one should think about what business to do in the fall. If you asked this question to the well-known analyst and forecaster Deepak Chopra, he would say that these birds are your lucky sign. Here are five ideas for small businesses that profit from the changes autumn brings to their lives. Some of these ideas are only short-term opportunities, profitable only for several months, while others can become a full-fledged form of year-round small business. But the main advantage is that all types of businesses in this list can be launched quickly and inexpensively, so that you can see the profit soon. Continue reading

4 tips from Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a very famous American marketer, blogger, professional speaker and author of numerous books on advertising and marketing. He is best known for his book The Purple Cow.

1. Why do not buy from us?

We register on the site / pay attention / decide to buy from marketers only if:

what is promised is more valuable in our eyes than the price of an acquisition;
– at the same time, we believe that it is best to contact you for the acquisition of the right one.

This principle works everywhere. Not only in promotional materials, but also in resumes, business meetings, and even for a teenager who cuts your lawn.

If your marketing does not work, then there are two reasons: either you promise something uninteresting (or not interesting enough), or the buyer does not believe that you need to contact you to purchase this. Continue reading

The battle of brands: companies with better grammar win

I have already talked about evidence that good grammar increases your income. Rob Asgard has determined that there are grammar crimes that can actually prevent you from getting a job. Forbes employee Zack O’Malley Greenberg has even shown that musicians who earn the most are almost always those who use grammar the best.

Now major brands are participating in this. For every company that becomes its own content producer, from tweets and blogs to billboard advertisements, the ability to provide error-free material is key.

While? as few people can find a grammatical error on a LinkedIn corporate page, serious errors (in Continue reading

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