What small business can I do?
Today everyone is free to engage in any type of activity. Every day, go to work in one of the budget organizations and receive a meager salary. Or work for…

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Hardware store. How to compete?
The market economy in Russia has become a completely natural business process, of which growing competition is an integral part. It works as the main business settlement process. This competition…

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What kind of business do women do?
Thinking about what kind of business a woman should do? For example, women-owned American businesses are at the peak of development and are currently among the fastest growing segments in…

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What is the best age for business?

1. Open your business from the age of 1 to 10 years

With proper education, when a child considers business a game, and his parents are well aware that thanks to such a game he can acquire skills that will be useful to him later on throughout his future life. The main thing to remember is that the child must earn money honestly, only then there will be at least some sense from such activities.

The Dutchman Ryan Ross became a millionaire at 8 years old, and he earned his first money at 3 when he organized a chicken farm in the backyard of his house. But the basic capital brought him the simple Continue reading

What small business can I do?

Today everyone is free to engage in any type of activity. Every day, go to work in one of the budget organizations and receive a meager salary. Or work for the “alien uncle”, getting a little more, but in an envelope. But you can choose another way: work only for yourself, organizing your own business. At the same time, you will receive income only depending on your capabilities and the labor invested. The advantage of this way of making money is complete freedom and relative independence.

For many who are tired of eking out a miserable existence, receiving a salary from the state, the question arises: what kind of small business can I do? It is impossible to answer unequivocally to this question. In addition, it is very difficult to give specific Continue reading

Keys to Success: Five Fears That Stop Entrepreneurs

There are many fears and excuses that keep us from getting everything that we want to achieve as entrepreneurs. But success and failure are always a conscious choice.

When I started my own business, my biggest concerns were:

“I am young and I have never had a real job, why should someone hire me without experience?”

“I still don’t have a university degree, so I’m not smart enough to teach anyone this.”

“I’m just no longer needed by a football player who cannot even achieve the NFL. If I could not achieve Continue reading

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Distributor of a popular brand. Your business or part of a whole?
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The battle of brands: companies with better grammar win
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Easy Ways to Keep Your Website Visitors Longer
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Common startup mistakes
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