Earnings on the Internet and paying taxes
Earning on the Internet and paying taxes. Not so long ago, the Internet has firmly entered our lives, and for many it has become not only a place for spending…

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What is the best age for business?
1. Open your business from the age of 1 to 10 years With proper education, when a child considers business a game, and his parents are well aware that thanks…

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The idea of a network business: a service for recording on a car wash in a city
Sergey Smirnov is an experienced businessman. Since 2002, he has been looking for his place in the business, developing and promoting various projects, and in the past, in 2014, he…

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their acquaintances

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Franchise. Profitable or not?

Considering all possible options for starting a business, the possibility of acquiring a franchise comes to mind. Not many people wonder what lies behind this intricate concept. We will tell you about the advantages, features and disadvantages of this form of doing business.

The acquisition of a franchise, as an opportunity to open a company, has long been appreciated in many countries. And not without reason, because the development of any new company requires a lot of effort before it is possible to win the attention of consumers. Having your audience, a well-recognized and well-promoted brand, your company will function normally and bring decent profit for at least five years. Such indicators are confirmed in 80 cases out of 100, which is more attractive than losing a company in a couple of years, like most companies starting their development from scratch. Continue reading

Spontaneous purchases increase

Trade, for the most part, is developing not due to high demand for a certain range of products, but due to a very interesting phenomenon, which marketers are still researching. Spontaneous purchase. What is it?

Impulse buying – how to increase sales

You put a lot of effort and time to attract customers? They came, bought bread, milk and sugar and left? Something in your store is planned wrong. Most of today’s consumers are eager to plan their expenses sparingly, so getting to fill their cart to capacity is not so simple. People tend to make spontaneous purchases if the atmosphere contributes to this.

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Are you choking on ambition?

I had an inspiration not so long ago, perhaps one of the most important for a long time.

Before this insight, I had a basic problem: I could not understand why I felt a quiet but constant dissatisfaction with life. I have enough money, good health, many friends, a strong desire for self-development and self-control of an entrepreneur.

However, despite my good fortune, I felt lost and unproductive.

Finally, it occurred to me that my ambition was strangling me.

For more than a year, the “philosophy of uncertainty” has been the starting point of inspiration for me. Continue reading

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